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Donate to Peace Corps Documentary

The RPCVs of Colorado have agreed to help support efforts to produce a documentary on the Peace Corps experience. As part of this effort, the RPCVs of Colorado will match member donations up to $500 (for a total donation of $1000) for A Towering Task. Please take a look at the trailer and other information and consider donating to help support A Towering Task. A link to donate is included below.

A Towering Task

A Towering Task will be an unprecedented landmark documentary as a vehicle to create a baseline history of one of the greatest global emissaries of peace in history, capturing the early voices of the Peace Corps before they fade away. We will take a closer look at what the Peace Corps means to the US and the world today, and we will discuss where this small agency with great ideals should go from here. In doing this we will usher in a new era of possibility for the Peace Corps in today’s context. This documentary will tell the story of the Peace Corps in a new way, honoring its rich history while highlighting its tremendous impact on other countries and the citizens and leaders of those countries. It will also consider the role of this agency in the 21st century.

Donate to a Towering Task